Guide for Forager - Resources (2024)

I won't cover every material in the game, but I will cover almost all of the raw materials you will need to harvest as well as a few of the more important crafted items.

Raw Materials

Wood: Trees

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Stone/Coal/Iron Ore/Gold Ore: Available from rocks in all biomes

Hide: Dropped by cows, sheep and bulls, but hard to get in bulk. It is a good idea to purchase from the market when you can. If you have a wizard scroll it can be used to turn all resources on an island into animals (many of which will provide leather). You can also use a druid scroll on an empty island to fill it with trees, then use a wizard scroll after that. You may want to place an animal lure before doing this.

Sand: You will get a lot of this passively from fish traps. The drilling platform will provide a lot. You can also dig with your shovel if you are desperate.

Water: Can be collected from any water square using a bottle

Jelly: This will drop from slimes initially, but once you have the slime pickaxe you will get tons of this from just collecting other resources.

Bone: Dropped by skeletons, once you have the necro rod these can be easily farmed, you will also get many from digging.

Bottled Insects (Torchbug, Beetle{Desert}, Butterfly{Winter}, Deathmoth{Fire}, Fairy): Semi-annoying to collect in large numbers, try to carry a supply of empty bottles with you at all times to gather these. You may prefer to just buy them at the market. Fairies may be easily farmed in the fire temple, as there is a secret room shortly to the right of the entrance with 2 fairies, which respawn every time you leave and re-enter the temple.

Herbs (Lavender{Winter}, Nightshade{Graveyard}, Cinderbloom{Fire}, Cactus {Desert}): Spawn randomly in the appropriate biome, can be annoying to collect in large numbers, so you may prefer to shop at the market.

Gems (Amethyst/Emerald/Ruby/Topaz): Initially randomly from mining or dig spots (or anywhere with the robotic shovel), easily available later in the void.

Land Archeology Items (Fossil{Grass}, Sphynx Head{Desert}, Kapala{Graveyard}, Frozen Relic{Winter}, Dino Egg{Fire}): These can be obtained at a dig spot in the appropriate biome, or by using the excavator buff at a shrine to create many digspots. Once you have the robotic shovel these are all very easy to acquire, as you can just dig anywhere.

Water Archeology Items (Anchor{Grass}, Sunken Ankh{Desert}, Skeleton Fish{Graveyard}, Frozen Squid{Winter}, Lava Eel{Fire}): Place 4-6 fish traps in each biome and wait, these will come to you easily in time.

Obsidian/Crystal: Available in the fire and ice biomes respectively.

Demon Horn: Dropped by common enemies in the fire biome.

Kraken's Eye: Gained from fishing in the void. Stand near the edge, hit X, and hit X again when it says "Caught" on the screen.

Legendary Gems: While you can get a few of these by fighting bosses with sigils, you can get hundreds by fighting your way through the void. They will begin dropping on level 24 and drop in increasing numbers as you continue.

Star Fragment: These can be collected from randomly appearing fallen scrolls, or you can summon them with a star scroll. BEWARE as they can destroy buildings in both cases. These will also drop in the void starting at level 34. Cosmic tools/weapons will sometimes drop these when mining/fighting.

Toxic Sludge: You will receive 25 upon reaching level 5 of the void, 50 at level 10, 75 at level 15, etc. Nuclear tools/weapons will sometimes drop these when mining/fighting.

Uranium: You will receive 15 upon reaching level 5 of the void, 30 at level 10, 45 at level 15, etc. It can also be mined from glowing rocks in the void at higher levels.

Onyx Relic: You will receive 5 upon reaching level 5 of the void, 10 at level 10, 15 at level 15, etc.

Void Rose: Randomly appearing herb in the void.

Voidstone: From large rock formations in the boid


Citrus/Beets/Wheat/Pumpkin{Graveyard}/Peppers{Desert}: You can craft seeds for all of these at the windmill. It can be time-consuming, as it takes 3 plants to craft 4 seeds, so you will only have a profit of one plant in most cases. If possible, plant these in the area of effect of one or more windmills so you can harvest more resources from each plant. Dig some holes with your shovel. You can irrigate them by using the water shovel or above or build a sprinkler. This will make them grow significantly faster.

Fiber/Flowers/Berries: These work the same as the above, but you will likely need larger numbers of some of these. Fiber for clothing and bottles, flowers for paper, a few items, and landfill, and berries for fish traps. Fiber can also be harvested from sheep in the same manner as eggs from chicken, but I found planting it much easier.

Eggs: You can get these by using the action button on a chicken. It will take a while to become available again. An animal lure is handy to keep your chickens in one area.

Golden Egg: You will very rarely get this when harvesting a chicken. It can be quite annoying to get, luckily you only need 3 in the entire game. My recommendation is to wait until you have at least one droid and then place an animal lure, use the druid/wizard scroll combo to spawn a ton of chickens, drink Ana's Delight and Liquid Luck to increase the rare item drop rate, then sit there and let your droid grab tons of eggs for you. I would also recommend doing this near your lighthouses if possible.

Milk: Just use an empty bottle on a cow and it will fill with milk, no wait time is required, so you can fill as many as you have bottles.

Poop: While all of the animals will drop this randomly and periodically, if you need a large amount you can use animal feed (crafted at the windmill) to a cow. I recommend doing this near your lighthouses.

Fish/Seaweed: You should have all of these you need if you build a bunch of fish traps.

Crafted Resources

Coal (Furnace): 2 Wood, with the geology skill you will likely never need to craft this.

Brick (Furnace): 2 Stone + 1 Coal

Iron Ingot (Furnace): 2 Iron Ore + 1 Coal

Gold Ingot (Furnace): 2 Iron Ore + 1 Coal

Steel (Furnace): 2 Iron Ingot + 2 Gold Ingot + 2 Coal

Royal Steel (Furnace): 1 Steel + 1 Ruby + 1 Emerald + 1 Topaz + 1 Amethyst + 4 Coal

Glass (Furnace): 2 Sand + 2 Coal

Bread (Furnace): 1 Flour + 1 Coal

Cooked Fish (Furnace): 1 Fish + 1 Coal. This was my main food source as it is super easy to make with several fish traps

Cooked Meat (Furnace): 1 Meat + 1 Coal

Paper (Inscription Table): 4 Wood + 4 Flower

Green Pigment (Inscription Table): 5 Cactus + 5 Seaweed + 5 Jelly

Purple Pigment (Inscription Table): 5 Beet + 5 Nightshade + 5 Lavender

Thread (Sewing Station): 2 Fiber

Leather (Sewing Station): 2 Hide + 2 Thread

Royal Clothing (Sewing Station): 2 Leather + 1 Ruby + 1 Emerald + 1 Topaz + 1 Amethyst + 4 Thread

Bottled Oil (Offshore Drill): 1 Bottle

Plastic (Factory): 1 Royal Clothing + 1 Bottled Oil + 20 Coal

Fiberglass (Factory): 5 Glass + 2 Plastic

Electronics (Factory): 2 Royal Steel + 5 Obsidian + 5 Crystal

Nuclear Machinery (Factory): 1 Cosmic Steel + 1 Nuclear Fuel Cell + 1 Onyx Relic

Nuclear Fuel Cell (Factory): 10 Uranium + 10 Toxic Sludge

Great Skull (Spirit Forge): 6 Bones

Spirit Orb (Spirit Forge): 5 Star Fragment + 5 Purple Pigment + 5 Bottled Fairy

Void Steel (Spirit Forge): 2 Electronics + 5 Voidstone + 5 Great Skull

Cosmic Steel (Spirit Forge): 2 Void Steel + 2 Legendary Gem + 2 Star Fragment

Animal Feed (Windmill): 4 Flower + 4 Jelly + 4 Poop. You shouldn't need tons of this, just enough to farm Poop from cows, and maybe craft an animal lure.

Animal Lure (Windmill): 1 Animal Feed + 1 Star Fragment. You only really need one of these, since you can mine it to pick it back up, so you may want to just nab one at the market if you see it.

Void Portal (Sigil Maker): 1 Electronics + 1 Fiberglass + 1 Star Fragment. Again, you only really need one and can sometimes buy it from the wandering trader, as it doesn't seem to show up on the normal market.

Slime Sigil (Sigil Maker): 2 Electronics + 500 Jelly + 10 Star Fragment, summons the Slime King, easiest of the four bosses. You can purchase most of these at the markets, and that will likely be your best bet as the star fragment cost is pretty steep. All bosses drop 4 Spirit Orbs, which is your main reason for killing them.

Skull Sigil (Sigil Maker): 2 Void Steel + 500 Bone + 10 Star Fragment, summons Skeleton King

Beet Sigil (Sigil Maker): 2 Cosmic Steel + 500 Beet + 10 Star Fragment, summons the Dark Beet

Slime Sigil (Sigil Maker): 50 Uranium + 10 Star Fragment, summons the Toxic Robot

Landfill (Flower Press): 2 Sand + 2 Poop, You can often find small numbers of this at the merchant, which should be enough for early use, but you will eventually need 2-3k of these to fill in all the water squares on the map, which will likely require crafting them.

For reference, I'm providing a full list of all raw materials you will need to upgrade each upgradable tool, rod, and accessory fuly, as well as obtain the 100 nuclear machinery needed for one of the feats. This way you know what to keep an eye out for at the market and when you can stop gathering certain things. Don't feel you need to go crazy and gather it ASAP, though, as it will all become easier to get as the game goes on.

(2) Amethyst
(10) Anchor
(10) Beetle
(30) Bone
(10) Butterfly
(65) Cinderbloom
(150) Crystal
(20) Deathmoth
(130) Demon Horn
(2) Emerald
(35) Flower
(11) Fossil
(11) Frozen Relic
(10) Frozen Squid
(1) Golden Egg
(125) Jelly
(2) Kapala
(40) Kraken's Eye
(10) Lava Eel
(35) Lavender
(35) Legendary Gem
(55) Nightshade
(50) Obsidian
(10) Skeleton Fish
(10) Sphynx
(71) Star Fragment
(10) Sunken Ankh
(4) Topaz
(14) Torchbug
(70) Toxic Sludge
(150) Uranium
(80) Void Rose
(65) Voidstone
(1) Water
(15) Wheat
(65) Wood

You will also need the following crafted materials:

(45) Brick
(95) Cosmic Steel
(65) Electronics
(190) Fiberglass
(130) Glass
(140) Gold
(135) Iron
(130) Leather
(5) Nuclear Fuel Cell
(170) Nuclear Machinery
(260) Paper
(40) Plastic
(60) Royal Cloth
(70) Royal Steel
(70) Skull
(95) Steel
(145) Thread
(55) Void Steel

If you are starting from nothing, to produce the above crafted materials would take:

(3020) Amethyst
(17970) Bone
(38530) Coal
(6175) Crystal
(3020) Emerald
(9330) Fiber
(1040) Flower
(10820) Gold Ore
(2180) Hide
(10810) Iron Ore
(530) Legendary Gem
(6175) Obsidian
(170) Onyx Relic
(3020) Ruby
(3840) Sand
(530) Star Fragment
(90) Stone
(3020) Topaz
(2925) Voidstone
(1040) Wood

5. Progression3. Gear

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Guide for Forager - Resources (2024)


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