Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (2024)

Have you ever heard a story where a man invested $20 and won $10,000 as a lottery prize? Yes, $9,980 profit in a single day! But who knows if it’s only a story?!

Gone are when people sold quick money-making gimmicks to earn a living.

Today, there are multiple ways to get 200 dollars fast, including;

  1. Join a design contest on crowdsourcing platforms
  2. Complete a freelance writing gig
  3. Host a webinar
  4. Give a $200 consultation service
  5. Ride-sharing or food delivery services
  6. Completing tasks on TaskRabbit
  7. Hosting a garage sale or flea market booth
  8. Renting a camera or electronics
  9. Completing Micro jobs on Clickworker
  10. Selling arts and crafts
  11. Providing cooking service to busy or elderly locals
  12. Writing on Medium

Some of these are side hustles you can do with your existing knowledge and skills in your free time. While others are online side gigs, you can find them on freelancing sites and job boards. And the good news is that all of them are legitimate. So, let’s begin!

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How to Get Paid 200 Dollars Fast — 12 Ways

I’m showing you 12 legit ways to earn 200 dollars a day doing the tasks you are familiar with.

You don’t need to collect a big portfolio or invest tons of your time in a long way to get them. Check out all these jobs and do whatever fits your current situation!

1. Join a design contest

If you are in a hurry to earn $200 fast, I have the best solution for you — join a design contest! However, it requires design skills to get started. Some design contest-holding websites don’t demand a diverse portfolio, while it’s mandatory for others.

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (1)

But if you are a designer or have design skills, it’s pretty easy to participate.

Here are the simple 5 steps -

  1. Register yourself with basic information
  2. Choose your battle
  3. Understand the design brief
  4. Submit your design in the preferred format
  5. Wait till the end to be declared a winner

Here are a few sites that conduct contests on an everyday basis:

  • 99Designs — Get diverse categories and high-profile clients to earn over $200. But choose design contests that are about to end to get 200 dollars fast.
  • Freelancer — It has contests for everyone. You don’t need to boil down to be a designer.
  • Designcrowd — It’s best for t-shirts, logos, or web design projects. You can work for clients around the world.
  • Hatchwise — After the project, you can stay connected with the client for follow-up project requirements and make a side hustle from the contest.
  • Designhill — You can choose from the design contests you are comfortable with. They also have a print shop that allows users to enlist their designs for print, and every time your design gets printed and purchased, you get a commission.

2. Write a paid guest post

The next way to get 200 dollars fast is by writing a paid guest post. The process is simple and a win-win situation for you and the client.

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (2)

Just follow the steps:

  1. Find a paid guest posting site with keywords like {niche} + paid guest posts or {niche} + write for us. Check out their guidelines and if they offer money for writing and their response time. If it doesn’t fit those two criteria, move on to the next site.
  2. Once you have a few sites, research their blog for their content’s topics, tone, and length.
  3. Based on them, send pitches. Some site owner (health niche) accepts direct submissions, and some want you to pitch three ideas with the outline of the blog. Prefer the former one and decide your topics for writing.
  4. Generate keyword ideas with free tools like Ahrefs keyword generator or ask chatGPT to write some titles for you. Write it quickly, matching the quality of the blog owners, and pitch the blog to the site.
  5. Once accepted, you will receive your payment fast.

Some sites accepting paying guest posts include:

  • Listverse — If you are not hurrying to make $200 per day. You can make around $500 per week for writing for this website. All you need to do is follow their guidelines, provide what they want, and get paid $100 per listicle (a blog that contains lists).
  • Civo — You can write on technology topics (tutorials and how-to guides) or edit the existing content to earn up to $500 per blog.
  • Income Dairy — This website offers $150 — $300 per blog post based on various factors. Send a pitch and get accepted.
  • Copyhackers — If you are a copywriter with unique experience in this field, this is the best opportunity to build authority and get $300 — $1000 per published post.
  • Rediscovery of Me — This blog is the perfect place to start if you want to earn $110 writing per long-form article fast.

3. Host a webinar

Once, I was attending a 5-day book writing workshop by an author. And there, I learned the power of short webinars to make quick cash. So, if you want to earn $200 daily or a week, this idea will help you.

Here are a few steps you can take -

  1. Choose a promising topic based on your expertise level. Some of the most persuasive topics are included in the business niche, where attendees learn how to earn more, save time, plan better, or live happily.
  2. Decide on the platform — Zoom, Go to Webinar, Webinar Jam, or Google Meet.
  3. Find a way to promote. Some quick ways may include paying for Facebook or Instagram ads, which can give you far more returns on investment. Add a cheap price tag to offer immense value to make it lucrative.
  4. You can consider upselling your other products within the webinar if you have any. That author has upsold her book by offering free access to one of her comprehensive courses.
  5. Run ads, collect people and money, and provide immense value through educating, entertaining, and inspiring followers.
  6. Post-webinar, keep a personal touch with the webinar attendees and help them with their struggles to achieve their aspirations. In short, provide excellent customer service!

4. Provide a freelance consultation service

While webinars are a great way to earn money from a group of participants to teach and interact with them, freelance consultation services can help you offer one-to-one advice to clients. To earn $200 quickly, you need to help keep a short-term plan active. LinkedIn is the best platform for providing such services.

You can follow these steps -

  1. Decide your skillset and what user problems you would like to solve.
  2. Set up your LinkedIn profile as a minimum viable portfolio through the proper placement of your expertise and keywords. I have two exercises to quickly find the target keywords for which you want to get ranked. Download it here.
  3. Create an ideal client persona and detect your target clients.
  4. Reach out to them through the personalized messaging option. And directly offer your service by showing how you can help them. Pro tip: Make a video pitch on how they can excel at their business by fixing the required issues.
  5. Reach out to enough clients so that you can get hired soon. Decide your hourly price as $100 or $200 and achieve your goal.
  6. Prepare before the consultation and provide enough value to make them crave your help in the future, too.
  7. Collect a LinkedIn recommendation after a few days.

When I first joined LinkedIn, I saw multiple people earning a lot with freelance consultation services. And as they also had some additional skills, they could get hired for those recurring client projects.

5. Ride-sharing or food delivery services

I have seen evidence of youngsters living well with ride-sharing, food delivery, or both services. Anyone can do this type of job with minimum qualifications. The only criteria include having a driver’s license and a vehicle.

The process for receiving ride-sharing or food delivery job offers is pretty simple:

  1. Sign up with the official website of the available options in your locality.
  2. Get approval for the process through physical identification and vehicle verification.
  3. Now, you might need to choose your preferred hours, or you can keep it flexible.
  4. The training and order-picking process may vary from company to company, and you might need to download the native application. Once you learn it, you can travel your way to get 200 dollars fast.

To increase your daily income, you must choose the shortest route to reach a location and pick the high-demand hours (early mornings, late afternoons, and weekends).

Some of the companies providing ride-sharing and food delivery services include;

6. Performing Tasks Through Apps Like TaskRabbit

Don’t have a driver’s license? No worries! You still have opportunities to get $200 fast by serving household tasks.

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (3)

Starting from cleaning, babysitting, pet sitting, dog walking, and car washing to providing Yard work, you have enormous opportunities. Just make sure the service is available at your location.

The process is pretty similar for different task apps.

Let me show you the steps for TaskRabbit:

  1. Registered to the task app and choose your location and skillset. There might be an hourly rate set for each type of work. Some applications may have the option to choose your own, and some might not. After registration, you need to download the application.
  2. Build your profile and verify your identification and eligibility.
  3. Pay a cheap registration fee. For taskrabbit, it’s $25.
  4. Opt for your weekly availability and schedule. Also, choose your preferred location.
  5. Start receiving gigs, provide services, get paid, and expand your business.

Simple, right? There are some alternatives to TaskRabbit you can consider:

7. Hosting a garage sale or flea market booth

Hosting a sale for unwanted things (worth $200 or more) can enrich your pocket while freeing up your storage.

Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Just make a list of inventory items in your garage.
  2. Clean and organize items and make them presentable.
  3. Research online, thrift stores, and secondhand markets to frame your available items’ prices. Consider pricing in bundles for a better offer.
  4. Set up your garage sale with clear pricing tags and signage. Present them to look stylish and attractive.
  5. Promote your sale with social media platforms, classified ads, and local community groups with high-quality pictures of your inventory. Otherwise, place the items on busy streets to attract customers traditionally.
  6. Interact with customers with a smile and friendly attitude. Be open and show humour while negotiating the price.
  7. Keep a handful of changes to provide a smooth transaction and excellent customer service. If some items remained unsold after the sale, donate them or discard them properly.

8. Renting a camera or electronics

Don’t have a skill but have lots of electronic gadgets? Let them earn for you! The best way to get 200 dollars fast is by renting your camera or other electronics. There are specific sites for that purpose.

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (4)

Here’s the step-by-step process –

  1. Make a list of all the electronics you own and don’t require for your daily tasks. You can start from your room. It can be your laptop, camera, microphone, you name it.
  2. Find the best platform. There are plenty of platforms to list down anything you want to rent. I will share them in a while. Make sure you choose the right one based on the resources you have.
  3. List those items on the marketplace with a few photographs and a little description (you can write with chatGPT), and stay honest about the item condition and usage limitations. Ensure you keep your notification on so you never miss if someone sends you a message.
  4. Think about its price tag. You can set a fixed price tag based on your money requirements, time available, item limitations or conditions, and age. For example, if it’s $200 overall to rent your camera for 5 hours and your camera is one year old, you can charge as cheap as $40 per hour. You can also include additional charges in case you need to deposit some platform fees for listing those items.
  5. Set clear rental terms. whether or not you want a security deposit amount, how long can you provide the item for use (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly), how can you ship the item, and what area do you want it not to be used? Be clear about everything in your mind.
  6. Ask questions about their required use. Ask about the use of that asset and their experience with similar items. This ensures the person is legit and your gadget is in safe hands. Some sites give the guarantee of legitimate users, and some might not. Make sure and be responsible.
  7. Be available during the rental period. If the person needs any support, instruction, or other accessories like chargers, promptly provide assistance. You can hand it over if you have a usage manual, documents, or guides.
  8. Document the equipment before and after to make sure there is no damage. Further, keep track of the rental period to avoid delays. Otherwise, you may charge a few more dollars as late fees.
  9. Provide a review to the renter to build authority.

Easy? Let’s dive deeper into the sites providing rental opportunities –

  1. Fat Llama — Have a simple process for listing and take complete guarantee of your item.
  2. ShareGrid — Best for camera sharing if you belong anywhere in the United States
  3. KitSplit — This website allows you to rent all your shooting equipment, including cameras, gear, lenses, and more.
  4. Loanables — If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, loanables support you in doing that by allowing you to rent your electronics. There are many more things you can rent if you want.
  5. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace — While not super safe and specific, you can still look for certain groups in your locality on Facebook or Craigslist to rent your assets.

9. Do online micro jobs on Clickworker

Clickworker is one of the most interesting websites to make 200 dollars fast. The tasks include various micro jobs where you need to perform verification tasks like scanning your face or uploading your short videos for training AI.

Besides, Clickworker has a link with UHRS (Universal Human Relevance System). Once you complete the assessment, you can take training, apply for qualification, complete microtasks like image and keyword labelling, and get paid for each task.

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (5)

Let me show you the step-by-step process -

  1. Register to the Clickworker website.
  2. Follow the instructions to create a Microsoft email. You need to make the email they ask you to.
  3. Complete the assessment in the assessment section. Download the mobile application for easy access.
  4. Move to the “jobs” row and check what jobs are available. They will provide you with complete information on how to finish a task.
  5. Once the task is finished, you can copy and verify the finished code to get paid.

You need to have 10 Euros to be able to add your PayPal account. And the first transaction may take a week or more. Afterwards, you can earn up to $100 or $200+ daily and get paid to Paypal.

10. Selling arts and crafts on your local street

If you are someone who likes to create art, paintings, and doodles, or you love making crafts with paper or waste, you are all set.

Yes, you can sell your arts and crafts on a busy local street to get a quick 200 dollars in a day.

And even if you don’t have a room full of canvas art, you can still make some easily. How?

Let me show you the process -

  1. Search for doodles on YouTube and start making random patterns. All you need is a marker or multiple colour markers, a few cardboard papers, and maybe some items to frame them or decorate them.
  2. If you don’t like doodling, you can make origami paper crafts with coloured paper. Or you can make DIY home decor for people from waste like cardboard boxes, newspapers, ice-cream sticks, or even empty cups.
  3. Now, create a small inventory. Focus on their appearance because the more visually attractive they are, the better the chances to sell them at a higher price.
  4. Choose a busy street in your locality. Ask if there are any guidelines or rules to set up a booth and get permission if necessary.
  5. If there are similar items from other people, sell them at competitive prices. Offer good value while making profits.
  6. Set up different payment methods. For example, there is a Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for easy online transactions in India. If your location has something different, offer that.
  7. Promote your booth on your social media pages. Facebook and Instagram work best for this kind of venture. You can look for more ways to attract customers.
  8. Behave friendly with customers and take critiques as room for improvement. Maintain excellent customer relationships. This will lead to word-of-mouth marketing.
  9. Have a signup sheet, feedback box, or a quick QR scanner to collect their information. This will help you stay in touch with clients in case they need your help or want to set up another booth in the future.
  10. Evaluate which items are selling better and create more of those. This will ensure you gain better skills in a particular type of arts or crafts and more revenue from this off-time side hustle.

I have made multiple crafts like explosion boxes, beautiful cards, photo frames, and scrapbooks for friends during college time. And some of my friend’s friends were selling those gifts on Instagram. They are easy to make without prior experience. Just follow the instructions on YouTube.

11. Provide cooking service to the busy or elderly locals

Providing cooking services would be the easiest way to get 200 dollars fast. How? Well, if you have cooking skills. And a majority of us have that (I guess) unless you are a kid looking for quick-fix money.

A few women from my locality provide cooking services to older adults who can’t cook for themselves.

You can do so by following the below process -

  1. Decide how much time you can contribute to cooking for others. Most people want to cook for breakfast or dinner. So, think when you have time to fit into that routine.
  2. Spread the word. Tell your neighbours, your friends, your roommates or partners, and ask if anyone knows someone who would need your service. This will keep you on the top of their head.
  3. To speed up the process, provide incentives. Think about how much you will charge per hour and how you would like to get paid. Now, provide a small percentage of incentive to your neighbours and friends to advertise for you.
  4. Wait for your first deal. Cook for them, collect feedback, and improve your skills. Ask your clients to help you with getting more clients. This is how one of my neighbours filled her pool of clients.
  5. You can now receive payment and stop that work (if you don’t want more). Otherwise, it’s a good side hustle to work on occasionally.
  6. Bonus-1: Offer help in meal prep once per week if that’s the only time you can devote.
  7. Bonus-2: If you have a vehicle and can travel a little far, you can advertise your service on Craigslist or local Facebook groups.

12. Write on Medium

If you’re a student and belong to a place with bare opportunities, you can take advantage of writing on Medium.

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (6)

For those who have never heard about Medium, it’s a platform where you can write and publish blog posts, articles, interviews, copies, poetries, stories, memoirs, and more.

Medium has a subscription model where readers pay $5 monthly to read and engage with unlimited content. Subscription fees get divided, and writers get paid for their writing.

That means the more views your writing gets, the more you will be.

In August 2023, Medium changed its policy of 100 minimum followers to monetize your writing. But there are more criteria

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (7)

Some countries like India aren’t included in the eligible country list, and hence, users from such countries aren’t able to meet the criteria for application. If you belong to other countries, you can apply and start earning from today.

But how can you get paid 200 dollars fast to write on Medium? Well, start writing whatever you want. But read the updated rules first!

Here’s a process you can follow to get paid 200 dollars fast-

  1. Sign up to the website and set up a decent writer’s profile by adding your profile picture, bio, about, and cover image. You can change the fonts and colours to personalize your profile a bit.
  2. Now click on the Write button and start writing a headline and body text. After you finish the content, you can add a featured image from Unsplash or create your own with Canva. Format the content with bold, italic, and underlined header texts and quotes to make it pleasant to read.
  3. Now save it on draft. And apply for some Medium publications. Once accepted, you can submit your story to the publication and get it published.
  4. You can also publish on your own (and do so if you want it fast), but publishing your writing on publication gives you more eyeballs. And you can gain more followers and views that ultimately help you to earn fast.
  5. Payment on Medium is through Stripe. So, set up a stripe account to get paid 200 dollars or more to write on Medium.
  6. Besides writing, clap and engage in others’ posts to receive more traction to your profile.

Final Remarks to Get 200 Dollars Fast

You can earn $200 fast in a day or a week. However, it’s based on your current knowledge, assets, and skill level.

The above methods may demonstrate the quick-fix way to earn rather than taking a loan, but these can have challenges and risks.

Feel free to iterate the methods by considering your skills and the resources you own. Also, consider multiple ways (online and offline) for better results.

FAQs on How to Get 200 Dollars Fast

1. How can I make a quick $200?

You can get 200 dollars fast by completing some side gigs like

  • hosting a webinar or workshop
  • participating in a design contest on a Crowdspring platform like 99designs
  • writing a paid guest post
  • giving cleaning, lawn management, pet sitting, or babysitting services
  • performing tasks on TaskRabbit
  • testing apps
  • renting space or gadgets
  • flipping items on online stores
  • selling your arts and crafts
  • and more

Remember that the success rate is highly based on your skillsets, experience, and resources.

2. How to earn $200 a day?

For earning 200 USD a day, you can provide hourly services like pet sitting, dog walking, babysitting, house cleaning, or online services like writing a paid guest post, hosting a webinar, winning a design contest, and participating in an online survey. You can consider renting your house if you have free space. Otherwise, you can rent your electronics, like your camera, for a few hours with an hourly charge.

3. How to make 200 dollars in a week?

There are many ways to earn 200 dollars in a week. Some of them include

  1. Professional services online — writing service, consultant service, graphics or web design service, and virtual assistance.
  2. Offline services to neighbours — offer cleaning, lawn clearing, bird fleeting, cooking, or dog walking services for an hour daily. You can either work on the weekend at an hourly rate to reach $200 a week or work for a limited time each week for a low price.
  3. Sell or Rent resources — Sell your old furniture, books, or electronics. Otherwise, you can rent your property, space, or electronics for a few hours a week.

4. Is $200 a lot of money?

Yes and no. You can interpret $200 as a lot of money based on your current rate and geographic location. For example, if you live in India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, or any other country where the dollar price is higher than your local currency, you must check the conversion price that day. Also, it would help if you calculated your daily wage of living. If your expenses are way more than $200 a day, then it’s not a lot of money.

If you found the content helpful in any way, buy a tea to say thanks to the writer (it will keep her inspired and contribute to her education)!

Get Quick Cash: 12 Creative Methods to Make 200 Dollars Fast (2024)


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